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Firebox SOHO 6 from Watchguard

firebox_small SOHO employee guest access with VPN and Firewall inclusive. Secure yet simple.
The WatchGuard Firebox SOHO 6 Wireless is an excellent solution for small companies looking to connect to the Internet and provide wireless connectivity for both employees and guests. This product combines the following:

• A secure firewall for Internet access.
• A publicly accessible wireless solution that isolates the wireless network from the internal wired networks.
• Secure access from the wireless to the wired network for company employees via VPNs.
• An optional VPN server that allows secure internal network access from the Internet.

All of these functions inhabit a box smaller than a trade paperback book. This package is marred only by some incomplete documentation of the add-on client program necessary to use the VPN.

Deliverance: The Unlicensed Marriage of Wi-Fi and WiMAX  by David Deans

ddean To Date, the historical backdrop of broadband remote framework organization has been, overall, a mistake to numerous who expected profiting. In any case, late occasions inside the remote systems administration specialized principles stadium ought to give all of us reestablished trust that a rising scaffold building innovation will inevitably help hybrid the Internet access abyss that's generally known as the advanced separation .

In the United States, broadband fixed wireless pioneers like Teligent, Winstar and Nextlink (amongst others) all entered the market around the late-nineties and were greeted by jubilant media coverage, as they announced their planned deployments of cost-effective Local Multi-point Distribution System ( LMDS ) networks.

Community leaders in underserved markets also rejoiced upon hearing of this welcomed news. They openly voiced their high expectations that this innovative new technology could finally create some options for those areas otherwise lacking advanced telecom infrastructure, and thereby enable high-speed Internet access for their eager constituents.

Wi-Fi 1-2-3   various contributors

onetwo This section of the site teaches you everything you need to know to get started in the wonderful world of Wi-Fi. Or at least we hope it does. Home, work, and community set-ups in an easy step-by-step-guide.