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Sponsorships, Endorsements and Accolades

We take endorsement from all. This site runs itself on volunteer help, but some things cost money. Our sponsors foot the bill.
Red Door pays for hosting. They are largely responsible for making sure that editorial and graphic content is up to the highest in journalistic standards. They also do the programming. Rarely, if ever, do they sleep. We love them and you should too.


These are the articles we need you to help write. If you have any experience in these areas, then show your expertise. Typically articles are between 500-1000 words. See some examples in our learn section.
You may also be of service as an editor. Either way, we call you a teacher.
Articles we would like writers for:

Home network 123
Starting a WISP
Community Wireless 123
War Chalking (Graphic artists needed)
Work Wireless
Enterprise Wireless
Voice over IP
Ad Hoc Networks
Long Range Broadband Wireless

Wish List

These are the items we have dreamed up. If you can help us get them, then let us know!
this is our baby's gift registry. is spackled together by sponsors and love. If you are willing to donate anything on this list, please drop us a line, we would love to hear from you. We can't offer you much more than a credit on the site and a thank you, but good karma and the satisfaction of knowing you contributed are by-products.
We are looking for a few good editors to share in the dream. You must be knowledgeable and willing to educate others. Pick a subject and write about it or find something that others have written and link to it - share the wealth.
Node map
If anyone just happens to have one of these laying around, we would love to have it or acquire a license for it. If anyone wants to build one, or pay to build one, that would also be a good way to go. This contribution would go toward informing the users of where the hotspots are.
Please submit any pictures that you might have that would be a visual aid to help people learn about how to apply and deploy WiFi. We are looking for jpg's, gif's, mov's, etc. Please let us know what you have before you send any large files (over 750K).
We are looking for posters of the war-chalking variety. Any designs that anyone would be willing to contribute that clearly state the SSID, connection-type, speed, etc. This is for fun and communication among the membership.
We like stories and we would love to hear more. Let us know how WiFi works, or doesn't work, for you or your company. Tell us about the famous, or infamous, war-driving escapades or, make us aware of issues that you uncover. Educate, entertain or warn; if it is about WiFi, we want it.