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Airshare has over a year's worth of Wireless LAN News and commentary from around the net. This is a good place to start your search and all wireless topics.
October 06, 2004
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc. on Sunday launched a search offering that helps users find local businesses as it battles Google Inc. and other Web search providers to capture a growing share of the billion-dollar advertising market now dominated by Yellow Page publishers.
Called Yahoo Local, the service will be accessible from the Yahoo home page and through Yahoo Search. It aims to help users quickly track down businesses such as restaurants, dry cleaners and banks in their neighborhoods or in other chosen areas.

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Yes we have no bananas today. But we do have Wireless gear on display.


These are articles written by contributors to Airshare. The go into further detail on the hot Wireless LAN topics of the time.
Opinion. Some of us have strong feelings about Wireless LAN's and the people who do and don't use them.


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