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DIY Neighborhood Wireless LAN

by Michael Mee

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Who should read this article?
I'm going to assume that you're pretty comfortable with computers and networking in general. There's plenty of good articles on the web about many aspects of wifi sharing, so instead I'll concentrate on the practical problems I encountered and the solutions and trade-offs I found.
What you need prior to reading this article:
This article will tell you how I (legally!) share broadband internet access with my neighbors. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and save yourself a bunch of time and maybe money. You may need a hardware budget between $200-$400, depending on how much of this stuff you dont' already have laying around.
Where can I get the stuff you talk about in this article?
At the bottom of the page.
Where can I go to get help if I need it?
Join the lists and ask a fellow member.
Where can I go to give comments on this article?
In the forums.