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Setting up a home WLAN

By Mark Newhouse of
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I remember watching the MacWorld keynote when Steve Jobs introduced wireless networking. As he was demonstrating the then new iBooks and their internet capabilities, he casually picked it up and began to walk away from the counter it had been sitting on. Untethered, he was still surfing the web. Slowly, people in attendance began to realize the significance of this, and soon a few gasps turned into a roar of applause as everyone recognized that this was something special.

And so the Wi-Fi revolution began.

It would be many months before I would experience the thrill of not being locked to a desk to catch up on email. My first time involved being able to demonstrate to our team a web based form I had created. I wanted to show them in real time, and over the internet, how everything worked. The wireless solution was exactly what I needed. But since this is a tutorial on setting things up at home, I'll let you read that story elsewhere.

Why I did it

About a year and a half ago we moved to a bigger house that afforded me a home office. I was working at home more and more, and due to the size of many of the files that I was working with, it became necessary to investigate broadband internet access. As it turned out, cable was our only option, so we had it installed.

My wife and kids had gotten used to checking email and surfing the web on the old iMac. I had a Blue and White G3 tower in the office, and had gotten very used to Surfing Naked, as I called it, with the Tangerine iBook at work (since upgraded to a TiBook). A home wireless network was the obvious solution.