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Why is a starting point for people whose passion du jour is wireless Internet access. The content comes from volunteers. The ownership is collective. The membership is varied. No matter who participates in the growth of this site, the aim is altruistic: if you get help, help; if you learn, teach; if you get, share.

That's all fine and dandy, but seriously now, why?

We started this site because we saw a bunch of wireless users groups popping up all across the world. Some, like Seattle Wireless, were doing groundbreaking work in community networks. Others, like Bay Area Wireless Users Group (BAWUG), were sharing information with an active list serve, volunteers and installfests. Then at the same time, manufacturers, like D-Link and Linksys, commercial interest groups like Wi-Fi alliance, all had thier own agenda. Last reporters, analysts and students of the overall phenomenon of wireless data didn't have a central place to start for research.

We took note of those trends and decided to create a place for all of those types of people to meet and get along.

To get a better idea of what we are promoting and whom we expect to see at, keep reading.

Ah, I see. So you're like a Wi-Fi portal. So, where are all the banner ads and pop-up windows?

You won't see any of that here. Put simply, we are interested in keeping editorial integrity. The success of the site comes in being impartial. You'll find that spirit in the Wi-Fi 123 articles, on the lists and even in our sponsorships. You smell that? Ahhhhh. That smell. That altruistic smell. Nothing else in the world smells like that.

So why would anyone come to

Good question. You'll find many types of people here. If we had to narrow them down here's what the short list would look like.

The Wi-Fi newbie.

The wireless geek.

The Internet enthusiast.

The teacher.

The Wi-Fi Newbie is thinking about going wireless at home or work. She wants to do her product research, ask some questions to people who presumably can help, and get a good idea on how much going wireless will cost and how much time that might take.

The Wireless Geek is actually and affectionate term. Said Geek is a supreme know-it-all. She has an engineering degree, perhaps. Or is a ham radio propeller-head. One way or another this wireless geek wants to stay fresh with her wireless knowledge. Even more so, the geek has a tendency to want to spread the gospel of wirelessness.

The Internet Enthusiast is someone with a true calling for the Internet. Perhaps she's a writer whose beat is e-commerce. Perhaps she's an analyst whose covert ops are wireless data and voice. Perhaps she's an idealist who believes, like we do, that information wants to be free. Either way, wireless Internet is the best thing to come around since tim burners lee.

The Teacher rocks. The teacher has a burning desire to learn something and pass it on. The teacher is the essence of the networked economy [sic], and therefore, the teacher is the paramount user of

Got more than I bargained for there. Maybe I should have asked what I wouldn't find at

What you won't find at

The merchant.
Let's just say that the name of the site is

The rude.
If you hadn't guessed, we like to keep things light around here. Humor. Good nature. Smiles and laughter. Those are all good things.

The partial.
No one has an agenda here. Or if they do, they are willing to accept alternatives at least in theory. At, the Mac Addicts, Linux-aholics, and PC-poopers all get along. Linksys loves D-Link, and Orninoco loves Snowcones.

Though none of the opinions here have been paid for, much of the site's content and many of the people who come here are representatives of for-profit entities. We welcome their input as much as the next person. We just won't take money for it.