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Discussions around particular articles and common issues.


Mailing lists for discussion of wireless events, technology and getting help. There are also announcement lists for wireless news and contributor help with this site.

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There are currently four lists you can subscirbe to. Here's where you will find out what they deliver and how to deliver them


If you would like to subscribe from any of the lists, you may do so below..
The announcements list is a catchall announcement list. It's what we'll use to keep you informed of all things wireless. It differs from the others in that it is not designed for discussion.

This is the list where the geeks hang out. Find help, talk about wireless news, chit-chat and make friends here. Moderated.

The weblog gets sent out once per week via email. If you want it, subscribe to it here. Not a discussion list.

For people who like to read and write about technology. This list is a discussion list where we can send out our requests for writers and topics. we'll also ping this list with new things as they are published.